How To Transport a Mattress?

When moving to a new house, it is essential to know how to transport a mattress. It can seem like a difficult task but with the right tools and experience, it is entirely achievable.

Professional Pickup & Delivery of the Mattress

How we transport your mattress? In a MATTRESS BAG! It’s made of strong water-proof tarp, with sturdy zips and carry handles. While this may seem obvious, a heavy-duty plastic mattress cover will help to avoid a considerable amount of unnecessary wear and tear during the moving process. This fabulous bag keeps your mattress clean and safe. 

Not only a mattress bag assists us in moving your mattress but also a very handy flat deck dolly to roll the mattress easily and smoothly. However, this doesn’t really help when going through the stairs. That’s why our mattress has handles constructed from high-quality materials, with reinforced stitching and right where they need to be.

You can trust us – we have all the professional tools to transport your items safely! Book your next move NOW.

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